Three Unexpected Ailments Massage Therapy Can Ease

An appointment with a massage therapist is an effective way to address muscle pain and headaches, but seeing this health professional can help you with a variety of other health issues, too. Whether you haven't had success finding a solution for other conditions or you're just looking for a way to better manage some everyday symptoms without the use of medication, massage therapy can often be the answer. Here are three others areas for which massage therapy can provide positive results.


If you struggle with the uncomfortable symptoms of constipation, you might have tried a long list of remedies to kick start your sluggish digestive system. Visiting the massage therapist, however, can often yield favourable results. Don't be embarrassed about sharing that you have this condition with your massage therapist -- upon learning this information, he or she can tailor the massage to provide relief by concentrating on massaging your abdomen. The therapist typically moves his or her hands around your abdomen in a circular motion to encourage your digested food to continue along its path through your system. The massage therapist might also use specific essential oils such as rosemary or work on various reflexology points in your body that relate to your digestive system.


About one in seven Canadians over the age of 15 reports difficulty sleeping. If you're among this group, seeing a massage therapist can help. Getting regular massages reduces your body's stress and promotes relaxation to allow you to shift more easily into the deep sleep phase that can help you have an uninterrupted night and feel alert and rested in the morning. Massage therapy can also boost your body's serotonin levels, a brain chemical that influences your body's production of melatonin, a sleep-related hormone. When this hormone is more active, you'll have more success falling asleep and sleeping through the night.


Massage therapy can often provide relief from stress. When you're feeling stressed, it's easy for your muscles to tighten considerably without your knowledge. Massage therapists are adept at working on these tight, stressed muscles to loosen them and provide relief. The pleasurable nature of massage can also reduce the stressful thoughts in your mind. Receiving a massage is pleasurable to the point that it can be difficult to think of what's stressing you when you're on the massage therapist's table. Your massage therapist can also tell when you're stressed and will often encourage you to take deep, relaxation-promoting breaths throughout your session.

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