3 Ways Massage Can Help You Lose Weight

If you have decided to try to lose weight, two of the main lifestyle changes you may be considering are probably increasing your activity level and changing your diet. However, you should also consider treating yourself to regular massages to help you meet your weight-loss goals. A thorough massage with a more aggressive technique, such as a deep tissue massage, can help prevent muscle soreness to keep you working out, increase your metabolism, and improve your digestion. Each of these may help you experience consistent weight loss. 

Prevent Muscle Soreness and Improve Flexibility to Keep You Working Out

Deep tissue massage focuses on areas in your body where your muscles or ligaments have become too tight for comfort, often causing knots. Although this can be a result of everyday use, when you first start a workout routine, the chances of your muscles reaching uncomfortable levels of tension increase. Regular massages can help release that tension to keep you working out more often. By making your muscles more supple and increasing your flexibility, regular massage may also help you begin engaging in different types of exercise that you were unable to before. 

Increase Your Metabolism 

Massage can help increase your metabolism in many ways. First, massage can help you relax, reducing your stress level. When you are experiencing stress, your metabolism slows down to help you conserve energy to be used in case of an emergency. By lowering your stress level, you can free your metabolism and experience more consistent weight loss. Additionally, massage can improve your circulation. This will help send nutrients to muscles where they can be used, increasing your overall metabolism. 

Improve Your Digestion 

If you request a full-body massage, make sure to request that your abdomen is massaged as part of the package. Deep tissue techniques will not be used on the abdomen, to prevent injury to internal organs. However, your massage therapist will likely rub your abdomen firmly in a clockwise direction. This can help stimulate activity in the large intestine, which can help speed up digestion and improve your weight loss. 

To get the most weight lose benefits from massage, you should talk with a personal trainer or massage therapist and create a regular massage schedule that compliments your exercise schedule so that you can minimize your physical recovery time and exercise more often. In many cases, weekly massages may be recommended for optimal improvement. 

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